Welcome on board!

“Welcome on board with TUIfly” - this is how our friendly flight attendants greet you when you board. Our flight attendants are not only there for your safety, but also for the service on board to make your flight as comfortable as possible. They are always there for you if you have questions. Until you board your flight, we hope that this page contains answers to your questions about our service and the experience on board.

Our service on board

With our flexible service concept, you have even more options and you pay only for those items that you really want on your TUI fly flight. Your choices can range from a basic flight service from Point A to Point B to a personally designed flight experience with extras such as more leg room, additional baggage or a tasty meal on board.

With our service concept you can decide if you want to select a meal before departure, based on your own personal tastes, and add it to your flight booking, or if you would rather order a snack on board from our flight attendants from the extensive TUI fly Café menu.

If you would rather order in advance, our hot meals and snacks from the TUIfly Bistro are just the right choice for you. You can select from vegetarian, vegan, diabetic, lactose-free or gluten-free meals. It’s easy to book your desired meal through your travel agency or our service center or when you book your flight at TUIfly.com or directly after you make your booking at our web check-in.

However, if you are more spontaneous, you can let the offerings of the TUI fly Café menu surprise you. They range from fresh baguettes to sweet or savoury snacks and on to a selection of hot and cold drinks and alcoholic beverages. On many routes you can even select from a range of hot main meals.

If you didn’t book your flight in the context of a package tour, here you will find more information about our flight only fares Pure & Perfect.

Of course you can use the devices you brought along on boards to pass the time with a film or something else. Before take-off, please enable the flight mode on your device. Films and series are not shown on monitors on board during the flight. You will find more information about using electronic devices here.

Monitor your flight (position, elevation, speed, expected arrival time on your iOS device (iPhone, iPad) with the free “Moving Map Basic” app. Before your flight, download the app from the Apple app store and then load the desired map - which can be found in the app settings - to your iOS device and follow the route live. During the flight, you don’t need an internet connection; you can simply use the app in flight mode. For GPS reception without interruption, we recommend reserving a window seat.

If you book a Perfect fare on TUI fly long route flights to Punta Cana or Cancun, for example, both a hot meal and a snack are included, along with a selection of non-alcoholic beverages. In addition, based on availability you can purchase snacks and/or hot meals on board. Further information about TUI fly long route flights can be found here.