STCC Condor

Special Terms and Conditions of Carriage

Special Terms and Conditions of Carriage of TUIfly Vermarktungs GmbH in the capacity of Contracting Carrier for Carriage executed by Condor Flugdienst GmbH as Actual Carrier.



1. Scope

These Special Terms and Conditions of Carriage ("STCC Condor") apply to all flights and other services for which a contract has been concluded with TUIfly Vermarktungs GmbH (hereinafter referred to as "TUI fly") with reference to the General Terms and Conditions of Carriage of TUI fly (hereinafter referred to as "GTCC") and which are executed by Condor Flugdienst GmbH (hereinafter referred to as "Condor") and/or any agents employed in performance of the airline's obligations.

TUI fly is the contracting carrier as defined in legislation governing carriage by air and the party to the contract with the passenger. If TUI fly has the carriage to which the passenger is entitled handled by Condor, Condor is the actual carrier as defined in legislation governing carriage by air.

In addition to these STCC Condor, the GTCC of TUI fly also apply. In case of conflict between these STCC Condor and the GTCC, the GTCC shall take precedence.


2. Contact to and to Condor


TUI fly can be contacted at the following address:

TUIfly Vermarktungs GmbH

Karl-Wiechert-Allee 23

30625 Hannover




At various points of the following provisions, reference is made to the TUI fly Service Centre. The Service Centre can be contacted between 7.30 a.m. and 10.30 p.m. (CET) Monday to Friday and between 8.30 a.m. and 9.00 p.m. (CET) on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays at the following numbers and subject to the following telephone rates:

- In Germany:  0511 2200 4321

- In Austria: 0900 190 150 (EUR 0.53 per minute)
- In Switzerland: 0900 190 150 (CHF 0.64 per minute for calls from a Swiss landline)

- In the UK: 0904 561 0000 (GBP 0.40 per minute)

- In Italy: 899 24 99 90   (EUR 0.12 per call + EUR 0.60 per minute, mobile phone rates may vary)
- In Spain: 902 012 512   (EUR 0.07 per minute)
- All other countries*: 0049 180 5 42 41 40 (EUR 0.14/min for calls from a German landline, max. 42 ct/min from mobile phone networks plus international rates charged by the provider)

* This number is not valid for calls from Germany, Austria, the UK, Italy, Switzerland or Spain.



Condor can be contacted at the following address:

Condor Flugdienst GmbH
Condor Platz
60549 Frankfurt am Main
Tel.: +49 (0) 6107 939-0
Fax: +49 (0) 6107 939-7440
Web address:

Direct registration of any special or sports baggage with Condor can be taken care of online at using the following link

3. Reservation of special services

Passengers can book numerous additional special services from Condor, such as the carriage of sports and special baggage, premium menus and special meals. In case of any change of reservation or cancellation of any special services, Condor is entitled to charge a processing fee of EUR 10 for each special service or reservation.

Payments for special services must be made directly when booking, either by credit card or by direct debit.

4. Punctual appearance at the airport

The applicable check-in deadline depends on the length of the booked flight and/or the individual airport. Condor defines the check-in deadline as the time stated by Condor as the time by which you are obliged to appear at the Condor check-in desk at the latest. When planning your journey, please take the following check-in deadlines into account. To ensure smooth check-in procedures and punctual departures, Condor urgently advises you to comply with the following deadlines. If you fail to arrive at the check-in desk punctually, Condor is entitled to cancel your booking and refuse carriage. Condor assumes no liability for any damage or expenses you sustain owing to contravention of these provisions for reasons for which you have sole responsibility.

Condor requires you to appear at the Condor check-in desk in the departure lounge by the following times at the latest (check-in deadlines):

short and medium-haul flights: 90 minutes before the departure time stated on the ticket; long-haul flights: 120 minutes before the departure time stated on the ticket; flights to the USA/Canada: 180 minutes before the departure time stated on the ticket.

Passengers who have booked Comfort Class are obliged to appear at the check-in desk no later than 60 minutes before the departure time stated on the ticket.

All Condor passengers, regardless of which carriage class they have booked, are obliged to be in possession of their boarding card and have completed the check-in formalities no later than 45 minutes before the departure time stated on the ticket.

Owing to the safety regulations in force and the passenger and baggage security checks, Condor advises you to proceed directly to the gate stated on your boarding card immediately after check-in and to remain there until your flight is called. You are obliged to arrive at the gate to board the flight you have booked and for which you have already checked in no later than the time stated during the check-in procedure. Condor is otherwise entitled to cancel your booking and refuse carriage in order to prevent delays in boarding and departure delays.  Condor assumes no liability for any damage or expenses you sustain in that connection.

5. Passengers' behaviour

If your behaviour during the check-in procedure, when boarding or on board the aircraft poses a risk to the aircraft or to any persons or items on board, if you obstruct the members of the crew in the performance of their duties or fail to comply with the crew's instructions, incl. any instructions in connection with not smoking, the consumption of alcohol or drugs, or if your behaviour constitutes a nuisance or harm for any other passengers or the crew, Condor reserves the right to take any necessary steps to prevent such behaviour, up to and including the use of physical restraint, and to refuse you carriage. The foregoing also applies if Condor has notified you in writing prior to the booking that Condor will no longer carry you on Condor flights, within the scope of its due discretion, as from the time of the written notification, because you have contravened the above rules of conduct on an earlier flight so that Condor can no longer reasonably be expected to carry you.

6. Restriction / refusal of carriage of a passenger or baggage

Condor is entitled to refuse or prematurely discontinue carriage or onward carriage of a passenger or a passenger's baggage if one or more of the following circumstances apply:


If carriage would be in contravention of any applicable laws, regulations or requirements of the departure, overflown or destination country; if the carriage would endanger the safety, orderly carriage or health of the other passengers or crew, or would be an unacceptable nuisance for the other passengers or crew; you are obliged to notify Condor before commencing the journey if you are carrying weapons of any kind, in particular firearms, blunt or sharp weapons or spray devices which can be used to attack or in defence, ammunition or explosive substances, or any items whose outward appearance or labelling gives reason to believe they are weapons, ammunition or explosives. The carriage of all such items is permissible only if they are carried as freight or checked baggage in accordance with the valid regulations on the carriage of dangerous goods. This does not apply to police officers who are obliged to carry a weapon in performance of their duties. These persons are obliged to hand over their weapon to the responsible pilot in command during the flight;

if the mental or physical condition of the passenger – including any condition resulting from the consumption of alcohol or drugs – constitutes a danger or risk for the passenger concerned, the other passengers, the crew or any items on board; if you refuse a security check of your person or baggage;

if you have not paid the valid air fare, any taxes or other charges/supplements, inclusive of any sums owed for previous flights;

if you are not in possession of the required entry/exit documents for the destination country and/or for re-entry into Germany, if you are not in possession of valid travel documents, if you destroy these documents during the flight or refuse to hand over the documents to the crew in return for a receipt;

if you are in need of special care owing to an illness or disability or for any other reason and have not notified Condor of this at least 48 hours before the flight;

owing to safety measures during the last 4 weeks of pregnancy before the planned delivery date. Condor further informs expectant mothers that carriage by air constitutes a serious risk for expectant mothers and for the child as from the 36th week of pregnancy.

In case of infectious diseases (e.g. active tuberculosis, infectious hepatitis, chickenpox, etc.) or passengers who are dependent on the use of a pneumatically or electrically operated device and simultaneously on a supply of oxygen during the flight.



Items which pose a risk to the aircraft or to persons or items on board the aircraft, as stated in the ICAO and IATA regulations on the transport of dangerous goods. These regulations are available from Condor and its authorised agents.

These items include in particular explosive substances, ammunition, fireworks, flares, gases, combustible, non-combustible, frozen and toxic flammable liquids  (e.g. camping gas, aerosols, lighter fluid), paints and thinning agents, flammable solids (e.g. matches) and other highly flammable materials (e.g. cigarette lighters).

Substances which are liable to spontaneous combustion, substances which develop flammable gases on contact with water, oxidising substances such as bleach and peroxides, toxic substances and pathogens, radioactive materials.

Corrosive materials (e.g. mercury, incl. mercury in thermometers), acids (alkalis, batteries filled with battery acid), magnetic substances, liquids of all kinds and dangerous goods as stated in the IATA regulations on the transport of dangerous goods.

Weapons of any type, particularly firearms, cutting weapons or impact weapons, and spray devices. Hunting and sporting guns are allowed at our discretion. They must be unloaded and transported in a locked, conventional case or packaging. The transportation of ammunition is subject to the dangerous materials regulations of the ICAO and IATA.

Items which are prohibited from carriage by the laws of the departure, destination or any overflown country;
Items which are dangerous or unsafe or unsuitable for carriage owing to their weight, size or nature, or because they are perishable, fragile or particularly delicate. Details about individual items are available from Condor and its authorised agents.

Should your checked baggage contain any of the above items and these are discovered in checked baggage during security checks, the items concerned must be removed from the baggage. The baggage will be opened for that purpose and the dangerous item removed. Condor assumes no liability for the removed item. Condor is further entitled to charge you for any costs sustained owing to removal and, if applicable, storage of the item. Condor assumes no liability for any damage to the baggage or its contents resulting from opening the baggage and removal of the dangerous item. 

7. Carriage of animals on Condor flights

For safety reasons, Condor can only accept animals for which a reservation has been confirmed and which are accompanied by a booked passenger. All animals must have an identification document. Passengers planning to take pets abroad have to have a blue EU pet passport. The name of the owner, as stated in the pet's passport, must be the same as the name of the passenger. The EU pet passport is valid in all 27 member states of the European Union and confirms that the animal has been vaccinated against rabies. Please note that special additional regulations apply to certain destinations. Details are available from the embassy of the country concerned. Please note that for the flight to be carried out safely, without any problems, your animal must be trained so that it behaves well in public. Condor only allows your animal to be transported if it behaves properly and obeys commands. Furthermore, you may be requested to use a muzzle during transportation or to have the animal transported in the cargo area (if there is no transportation container available) or transportation can be refused

Animals may only be carried in pet carriers which comply with the requirements of the IATA Live Animals Regulation. The animal must be able to stand upright without its head or ears touching the top of the cage. It must have sufficient room to turn around and lie down in a natural position. The carrier must have water and food dispensers. The carrier must be stable and clean, have a waterproof base and be lined with absorbent material. Please note that carriage of the pet may be refused during check-in if the pet carrier is too small or otherwise unsuitable. The final decision as to whether the animal can be transported in the carrier provided by the passenger is not the responsibility of Condor's check-in staff, but of the animal welfare officer of the airport concerned.

No carriage is possible for sick or injured animals, young animals which have not yet been weaned, as well as dogs and cats which are likely to give birth during carriage or which have given birth less than 48 hours before the scheduled time of carriage. Pursuant to EC Directive 998/03, Condor carries only dogs and cats aged 4 months or over inside the EU and aged 7 months or over from non-listed third countries into the EU.

Any animals which have been given tranquillising medication must respond when  spoken to by Condor employees or the animal welfare officer.

Condor is entitled to refuse carriage of the animal if you fail to comply with the above conditions of carriage. Condor cannot be held responsible for any damage sustained in that connection nor for any indirect damage. If you or a further person accompanying you decide not to fly for that reason, you are not entitled to reimbursement of the fare.

The passenger is responsible for obtaining all necessary entry permits, health certificates etc. Please note that Condor is not permitted to carry animals on flights to and from Dubai and Sharjah, neither in the cabin nor in the hold.

Condor charges flat rates for the carriage of pets in the cabin and in the hold.

If you are using feeder flights to and/or from departure and/or destination airports executed by an airline other than Condor, the terms and conditions of the airline executing the first flight segment apply throughout the entire route.

Dogs and cats may be carried in the cabin. Provided the permissible limited number of animals in the cabin is not exceeded, Condor will gladly carry one dog or one cat per passenger in the cabin. The weight of the animal, inclusive of pet carrier, must not exceed 6 kg. Please note that in the interests of all passengers, Condor allows only a limited number of pets in the cabin and that the animal has to remain in the closed pet carrier on the floor of the cabin throughout the entire flight. The pet carrier (air permeable and watertight, locking – available from pet stores) must not exceed the maximum permissible dimensions for hand baggage of 55 x 40 x 20 cm. Please note that Condor will not accept any birds, rabbits or other rodents for carriage in the cabin. Such animals are carried in approved transport containers in the hold. The carriage of mice, rats, hamsters and guinea-pigs is not permitted either in the cabin or in the hold.

Passengers wishing to bring dogs or cats into Germany from abroad in connection with the protection of animal rights must sign a document confirming that they have read and understood the conditions of carriage. For safety reasons, Condor allows animal rights activists to carry a maximum of one animal in the cabin or hold. The above flat-rate processing charge also applies in that case. The regulations concerning animal passports apply and the passenger must be registered as the owner of the animal in the EU pet passport.

Guide dogs for the blind and other guide dogs can be carried in the cabin free of charge. Shipping containers and animal foods are transported at no cost and are not applied to the free baggage allowance. Animals that travel in the cabin (including their containers, if applicable) must fit in the area below the seat in front of you in your booked carriage class and must be secured properly during the entire time on board. The passenger is obliged to notify Condor at least 48 hours before the planned flight. The reservation must be confirmed by Condor and the passenger is obliged to submit proof that the dog is required for medical reasons. Please note that a maximum of two guide dogs can be carried in the cabin at any one time.

8. Children, infants and persons with limited mobility

8.1 Unaccompanied minors (UM)

Children aged between 5 and 11 can travel alone with Condor. The UM service can be ordered up to 8 hours before departure and ensures continuous care for the child at the airport as from check-in. Condor will also reserve a seat free of charge for the UM as part of this service, provided the order is placed no later than 48 hours before departure. At the same time – but at the latest by 48 hours before departure – Condor will reserve a seat at no cost and a child’s meal can be booked by request for free. Please note that seat reservations for feeder flights to and/or from departure and/or destination airports made with other airlines may be subject to charges or may not be possible.

Condor must be informed at the departure airport of the entire particulars (name, address, telephone number) of the person accompanying the UM up to / as from the point of transfer. If the accompanying person(s) is/are not the parent(s) of the UM(s), a power of attorney is required at check-in and to collect the UM. However, this is only necessary if the accompanying person(s) is/are not identical with the persons stated in the booking. The accompanying person(s) is/are obliged to present a valid photo identification document.

The Condor flight crew look after the UM on board. Please note that children aged under 5 at the time of the flight can only travel when accompanied by their parents, by siblings aged 16 or over, or by other persons aged 18 or over. Condor must be notified in advance of any children aged between 5 and 11 who will be travelling alone. Young adults aged up to 16 will be treated as unaccompanied minors at the express request of their parents.


8.2 Carriage of infants and children

If a child aged under 12 is travelling with only one parent, in the interests of avoiding misunderstandings and complications, it is advisable to carry written consent from the other parent confirming that the child is permitted to travel with the accompanying parent.

For each adult, Condor carries a maximum of one infant aged under 2 which is not entitled to a seat of its own. Adults are permitted to travel with a second infant aged under 2 on request only if a seat has been booked for the regular fare for the second infant.

NB: Infants must be booked and paid for as a child (aged 2-11) if the infant reaches the age of 2 before the return flight.

As a special service for families with infants aged under 2, Condor offers advance seat reservations free of charge. Seat reservations for families with infants aged under 2 (which are not entitled to their own seat) – consisting of two adults, at least one infant and accompanying siblings aged between 2 and 11 – are free of charge. Subject to notification no later than 48 hours before the scheduled departure time, Condor provides bassinets/baby baskets on board for infants aged up to approx. 6 months and/or a maximum weight of 8 kg. Please note, however, that this service may not be provided in all flight classes or on feeder flights to and/or from departure and/or destination airports made with other airlines.


8.3 Persons with a mobility restriction

Condor offers disabled persons and passengers with a mobility restriction maximum support at the airports and during the flight. This assistance and support is provided free of charge. Owing to limited capacities, advance notification must be given at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure time and carriage confirmed by Condor.

Passengers who are unable to look after themselves during the flight owing to a physical or mental disability, or who are dependent on permanent care and assistance, can be carried only together with an accompanying person who is obliged to pay the full fare.

Passengers who have suffered a recent fracture are advised not to travel by air within the first 48 hours of occurrence of the fracture owing to the increased health risks. Condor expressly points out the risk of thrombosis, circulatory problems, swelling etc. Passengers with a plaster cast and travelling within seven days of sustaining the fracture are obliged to submit a doctor's certificate confirming that the passenger is fit to fly. The plaster cast must be slit open lengthwise.

9. Baggage regulations

9.1 Baggage regulations

As part of the contract for carriage by air, you are entitled to a free baggage allowance. The free baggage allowance is stated on your ticket or on the invitation which served as the basis for the offer to enter into a contract for carriage by air. Charges are payable for the carriage of any baggage which exceeds the weight of the free baggage allowance and for the carriage of special baggage. Random baggage inspections will be conducted during check-in. Please note that neither your checked baggage nor your hand baggage may contain any of the items stated in article 6 of these STCC. Hand baggage may contain neither pointed nor sharp objects such as knives, scissors or the contents of a manicure set etc. All such items must be carried as checked baggage.

Please note that if you use another airline to make feeder flights to and/or from the Condor departure and/or destination airports, the General Terms and Conditions of Carriage and the baggage regulations of the actual carrier apply throughout the entire journey. If you have reserved special services or booked special baggage on a Condor flight, this applies only to the flight performed by Condor. The foregoing also applies to any reduced rates or other benefits in connection with any Condor Comfort Class bookings.

9.2 Hand baggage

You are entitled to take one item of hand baggage with a maximum weight of 6 kg on board free of charge. You are further entitled to carry one small handbag, one laptop inclusive of case, one umbrella and any necessary walking aid on board. If your hand baggage exceeds the maximum weight, Condor is entitled to demand payment of an excess baggage charge. Your hand baggage must not exceed the dimensions 55 x 40 x 20 cm. For safety reasons, Condor's ground staff and cabin crew are obliged to stow inadmissible baggage items in the hold with the other baggage. In case of non-compliance with the weight and size limitations, Condor is not liable for valuable objects and fragile items found in your checked baggage.

Your hand baggage must fit underneath the seat in front of you or in the overhead baggage compartments. If your hand baggage does not satisfy these conditions or the security requirements, it has to be carried as checked baggage. Items which are not suitable for transport in the hold, e.g. delicate musical instruments, will be carried in the cabin only if Condor has been notified in advance and has accepted the items for carriage. In that case, charges are payable for the carriage of such special baggage.

Pursuant to EC Regulation 1546/2006, passengers on all flights departing from Europe (include international flights) are permitted to carry liquids, pressurised containers (e.g. aerosols, sprays), pastes, lotions and other gel-like substances only up to a maximum quantity of 100 ml per packaging unit as hand baggage. The quantity printed on the package is decisive for compliance, not the actual quantity in the container. All the individual containers must fit inside one resealable transparent plastic bag with a maximum capacity of 1 litre and are subject to inspection during security procedures. Each passenger is entitled to carry one such plastic bag. Special regulations apply to medication and baby food. Various non-EU countries have adopted the same or similar regulations.  Passengers can obtain further details from Condor or from Condor's authorised agents.  

9.3 Excess baggage

If your hand baggage exceeds the hand baggage allowance specified for your flight or if your baggage exceeds the total permissible baggage allowance, Condor is entitled to demand the payment of excess baggage charges. Fees for transporting excess baggage can be found on the Condor web site (

Condor assumes no liability whatsoever for any baggage which you leave at the check-in desk or at the gate. You are obliged to pay any costs sustained because you leave baggage behind or the costs of storage or disposal of such baggage.

9.4 Carriage of special and sports baggage

The carriage of special and other sports baggage is subject to charges. Condor must be notified of such baggage prior to departure.

Special and sports baggage must always be carried in suitable transport packaging or transport containers. All sports equipment must be packed and checked in separately, i.e. separate from your checked baggage. Your entire baggage will otherwise be subject to the applicable excess baggage charges, which may be higher than the flat rates charged for special and sports baggage. Our check-in staff are entitled to conduct random inspections of special and sports baggage and to refuse carriage in case of non-compliance with regulations. Please note that sports baggage must not contain any items other than those required directly for the sport concerned, in particular no garments.  Condor requires a waiver of recourse for the carriage of canoes and kayaks. Please note that Condor must be notified in advance of all special baggage and sports equipment. This notification can be submitted up to 48 hours prior to departure.

Strollers, buggies, travel cots and child car seats need not be registered as special baggage if these items are not to be used on board. No advance notification is required for sunshades or excess baggage carried in suitcases and weighing up to 20 kg over the free baggage allowance. Due to the additional time required for checking in special baggage and sports baggage, you are kindly asked to report to the check-in desk no later than 120 minutes (in the case of flights to the USA / Canada 180 min) prior to the scheduled departure time. The charges for the carriage of special baggage and sports baggage as well as for excess baggage are payable by credit card or via direct debit when you register the baggage, but no later than check-in. Subsequent payment is not possible.

If you are using feeder flights to and/or from departure and/or destination airports executed by an airline other than Condor, the terms and conditions of the airline executing the first flight segment apply throughout the entire route. Condor urgently advises you to contact the airline concerned in advance for any information you may require.

9.5 Checked baggage must not contain the following items:

cash, jewels, precious metals, cameras, mobile telephones, electronic devices (e.g. laptops or PCs), sensitive visual aids, business papers, samples, valuable works of art with a market value in excess of EUR 300, perishable and fragile items, passports and other identification documents, urgently needed medicines as well as valuables worth in excess of EUR 300 (the replacement as new value applies) insofar as they are not used for clothing purposes. In addition, the items listed in section 6.

Pursuant to Article 20 of the Montreal Convention, Condor assumes no liability for damage to or loss of articles that are contained in checked baggage in contravention of the above regulations. This also applies to any consequential and indirect damage that may arise due to the carriage of such items in checked baggage.

10. Other conditions

10.1 Electronic devices 

The unauthorised operation of electronic devices on board, e.g. mobile telephones, laptops, CD players, electronic games, devices with transmission function and walkie-talkies is prohibited and can be a punishable offence. Exceptions to this are hearing aids and pacemakers. Please observe the instructions of the cabin crew. If you are unsure as to whether the operation of a device is permitted on board, please ask a member of the cabin crew.

10.2 Seatbelts

For your own safety, please note that you are obliged to keep your seatbelt fastened during the entire flight whenever you are sitting in your seat. You are obliged to comply fully with the instructions of the cabin crew at all times.

10.3 Non-smoking flights

All Condor flights are non-smoking. Smoking is prohibited in all parts of the aircraft and during your entire stay on board. Violations of the ban on smoking will immediately result in legal action being taken and may cause the flight to be discontinued. You are liable for any costs incurred as a result.

10.4 Travel documents

You are obliged and it is your own responsibility to obtain the entry and exit documents and any visas needed for your journey and to observe all the regulations prescribed by the departure, destination or overflown countries; the same applies to all relevant regulations and instructions issued by Condor in that connection. Condor is not liable for any consequences you may suffer from your failure to obtain the necessary documents or to comply with the relevant regulations or instructions.

Prior to departure, you are obliged to present entry and exit documents, health certificates and any other certificates required by the relevant countries and to allow Condor to make copies of the documents concerned. Condor reserves the right to refuse you carriage if you do not comply with the relevant requirements or if your documents are incomplete. Condor assumes no liability for any losses or expenses you may incur due to non-compliance with these regulations.

10.5 Violation of entry regulations and legal consequences

If you are refused permission to enter a country, you are obliged to pay the fine imposed upon Condor by the country concerned. You are further obliged to pay the applicable fare if Condor is ordered by a public authority to take you back to the place of departure or to any other destination because you are not permitted to enter a (transit or destination) country. Condor is entitled to use any money paid by you for non-used carriage or any funds of yours in Condor's possession to pay for the above fare. The fare paid for carriage up to the place where you were refused entry or deported will not be refunded.

If Condor is obliged to pay or deposit fines or penalties or if Condor incurs any other expenses because you have failed to comply with the valid regulations of the country relating to entry or transit, or because the documents required by these regulations are not duly available, you are obliged to reimburse Condor on demand for any paid or deposited sums and any expenses incurred. Condor is entitled to use any funds in your possession to cover such outlay. The level of such fines and penalties varies from country to country and may be far in excess of the fare. In your own interest, you are therefore urgently advised to ensure that you comply with all applicable entry regulations.

11. Liability

The liability of TUI fly and Condor is based on the provisions of the GTCC.

12. Data protection and data security

TUI fly and/or Condor are entitled to capture, process and use personal data within the scope of performance of the contract and in accordance with the German Data Protection Act and other statutory regulations. Such data is captured, processed, used and transmitted in accordance with the intended purpose of the contract and using data processing equipment. The data is processed or used in conformance with the statutory regulations for the following purposes: making reservations, purchase of a ticket, purchase of additional services and handling payment transactions; development and provision of services, facilitating entry and customs clearance procedures.

The customer authorises TUI fly and/or Condor to capture, save, modify, block, delete and use the data for these purposes and to transmit it to their own branch offices, authorised representatives and to the parties who provide the above services on behalf of TUI fly and/or the actual carrier. TUI fly and/or Condor are further entitled to disclose passport details and personal data processed and used in connection with carriage by air to public authorities in Germany and abroad (including authorities in the USA and Canada) if the authority requests disclosure of the data on the basis of mandatory statutory regulations and disclosure is therefore necessary for performance of the contract of carriage.

13. Amendments

TUI fly reserves the right to amend these STCC Condor at any time with effect for the future without obligation to notify the user. The STCC Condor as amended from time to time are published on the website as from the date on which they come into force. On continuing to use the website after amendment of the STCC Condor, the user declares his consent to the amendments.

No agency, employee or any other third party is entitled to make any amendments and/or addenda to these STCC Condor or to waive their applicability.

14. Verbal agreements

These STCC Condor contain the entire provisions of the contract between the passenger and TUI fly and supersede all previous agreements, regardless of whether such agreements were made verbally, by electronic means or in writing. In case of conflict between these STCC Condor and the GTCC, the GTCC shall take precedence.

15. Severability clause

Should any individual provision be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.


16. Applicable law and legal venue

The contractual relationship between the passenger and TUI fly shall be governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany, irrespective of the passenger's nationality. Legal venue for registered traders, persons who have no general legal domicile inside the country and persons who have transferred their residence or habitual abode to a place outside Germany after conclusion of the contract, or whose residence or habitual abode is unknown when the lawsuit is filed, shall be Hanover (Germany). This legal venue provision shall not apply within the substantive scope of the Warsaw Convention or the Montreal Convention.


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