STCC Bulgarian Air Charter

Special Terms and Conditions of Carriage

Special terms and conditions of TUIfly Vermarktungs GmbH in the capacity of Contracting Carrier for Carriage executed by Bulgarian Air Charter as Actual Carrier

1. Scope of application


These Special Terms and Conditions of Carriage (“STCC Bulgarian Air Charter”) apply to all flights and other services for which a contract has been concluded with TUIfly Vermarktungs GmbH (hereinafter referred to as “TUI fly”) with reference to the General Terms and Conditions of Carriage of TUI fly (hereinafter referred to as “GTCC”) and which are executed by Bulgarian Air Charter (hereinafter referred to as “Bulgarian Air Charter”) or its legal representatives.


TUI fly is the contracting carrier as defined in legislation governing carriage by air and the party to the contract with the passenger. TUI fly will have the carriage to which the passenger is entitled handled by Bulgarian Air Charter. Bulgarian Air Charter is the actual carrier as defined in legislation governing carriage by air.


In addition to these STCC Bulgarian Air Charter, the GTCC of TUI fly also apply. In case of conflict between these STCC Bulgarian Air Charter and the GTCC, the GTCC shall take precedence.

2. Contracting TUI fly and Bulgarian Air Charter

TUI fly can be contacted at the following address:

TUIfly Vermarktungs GmbH 
Karl-Wiechert-Allee 23 
30625 Hanover 

All messages that are to be communicated directly to Bulgarian Air Charter are handled by the Bulgarian Air Charter Service Center, which can be contacted as follows:

Tel.: +(49) 30 88487819 
Tel.: +(49) 30 88487818 

Bulgarian Air Charter can be contacted at the following address:

Bulgarian Air Charter 
International Carrier Consult GmbH 
Podbielskistraße 166 A 
30177 Hanover, Germany

3. Carriage of passengers and special services and registration

General carriage information
The airline only carries passengers if they present complete, valid travel documentation in addition to valid personal identification / passport / visa in a timely manner during check-in. Appropriate identification documentation must also be presented for children, infants and accompanying animals. As a rule, passengers should be at the airport 2 hours before departure, but not later than 45 minutes before departure.

Carriage of expectant mothers 
During the last 4 weeks before the due date (in general, starting with the 35th week of pregnancy), women who are expecting are not allowed to fly with Bulgarian Air Charter. Up to this time there are no limitations; a special physician’s certificate is not required. However, we recommend that you consult with your doctor before you travel.

Carriage of children and adolescents (“UM”) 
It is recommended that up to the age of 14 days, newborn infants should not fly in order to prevent health problems. 
Infants (up to 2 years old) sit on the lap of a legal guardian or an accompanying person. They are not assigned seats. 
Children from age 5 to age 12 are allowed to travel unaccompanied as long as they have been registered in advance and the airline has approved. 
Children from age 5 to age 12 are also considered unaccompanied if the person with them is not yet 16 years old. 
At check-in, the name of the guardian or person picking up the child at the destination airport must be provided. The legal guardian must wait at the departure airport until the flight takes off.

Passengers with limited mobility and ill passengers 
Naturally we would like to help ill and disabled passengers based on their individual needs. For passengers with severe mobility difficulties, we have special seats that make it easier to sit down and get up, even during the flight, by folding up the armrests. These seats can be reserved (for an accompanying person as well) at no extra cost. Please note that the following seats are not permitted to be assigned to disabled or ill passengers: 
• Exit row ( EXIT ) – 23/24 ACDEF 
• Mother – Child (Infant ) – Rows 2-5 DEF 
Provision and carriage of wheelchairs 
A passenger’s own wheelchair shall be transported as checked baggage and not considered as part of the person’s free baggage allowance. Like all other passengers, the person with the wheelchair must arrive at check-in by 90 minutes before departure. Preferred boarding (pre-boarding) is offered at most airports. 
• Electric wheelchairs with dry batteries shall be transported if: 
o The battery cable connections are disconnected. 
o The battery poles have been isolated. 
o The battery is mounted on the wheelchair in a fixed position. 
• For safety reasons, electric wheelchairs with wet batteries are not permitted for transport. 
Carriage of passengers on stretchers 
Basic requirements for transporting an injured or ill passenger on a stretcher is a Medical Fitness for Air Travel form (MEDA) issued by a physician at the destination and available space (6 - 9 seats, depending on the aircraft). In general, a request for installing a stretcher should be made by a representative of a tour company, insurance company or rescue organization. The passenger cannot use a passenger seat with an upright backrest, but must instead be transported lying down on a stretcher (BED/STCR).

4. Carriage of animals

Carriage of pets 
Pets are permitted for transport. The passenger is responsible for meeting the requirements of the import regulations, border-crossing paperwork, official veterinary health reports, vaccinations, customs regulations, etc. Unfortunately, we cannot transport animals without an accompanying person.

Traveling with pets in the cabin 
Dogs and cats weighing up to 8 kg (including their carrier) are permitted for transportation in the cabin.

Please understand that in the interest of all of our passengers we only allow a limited number of small animals in the cabin. During the entire flight, the animal must remain in the carrier which is located on the floor of the cabin (and is ventilated, waterproof and able to be locked). The dimensions of the carrier (ventilated, waterproof and able to be locked - available in pet stores) are not allowed to exceed those of the carry-on baggage: 55 x 40 x 23 cm.

Unfortunately, birds, rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs cannot be transported in the cabin. They are transported in approved, escape-proof transport boxes in the animal compartment.

Carriage in the cargo area 
Unfortunately, dogs and cats weighing more than 8 kg are not permitted for transport in the Bulgarian Air Charter cargo area. 
Bulgarian Air Charter does not provide transport carriers or boxes. These are available in pet stores.

Registrations are taken in our Berlin office by fax: +49 030-88487818 or email: from Mo-Fr between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. The registration deadline is two business day before departure by 11:00 a.m.

5. Carriage of baggage

5.1 Free baggage allowance

The free baggage allowance included with the price of the flight is 25 kg per person. Infants and babies also have a free baggage allowance of 25 kg. If the baggage allowance is exceeded, an additional fee of EUR 3 per kg must be paid. In addition, strollers/buggies and child car seats are transported at no extra cost in the cargo area. Skiing equipment is considered sports baggage.

Each piece of baggage must include address information. The passenger is responsible for using baggage that ensures that the checked items and all other items included for transport can be carried without damage.

5.2 Carry-on baggage 
One piece of carry-on baggage that does not exceed dimensions of 55 x 40 x 20 cm (a total of 115 cm) or the maximum weight of 6 kilogrammes is permitted for transport in the cabin. 
The carry-on baggage must fit below the seat in front of the passenger or in the baggage compartments available in the cabin. 
On flights that depart from the EU and on connecting flights that depart from Europe (including domestic German flights), passengers must be aware of the new rules in effect for carry-on baggage as of 6 November 2006. 
Fluid and gel-type products, e.g. body care and cosmetic products such as toothpaste, contact lens fluid and perfume shall only be accepted for transportation in carry-on baggage if the following conditions are met:

• Each container, in which the respective fluid is held, must not exceed a volume of 100 ml. 
• All fluid containers and tubes must fit into a plastic bag that is recloseable and transparent. The maximum volume of this bag is 1 litre. 
• Each passenger is permitted one plastic bag. This bag must be presented separately at the safety checkpoint. 
• Required medications (with verification) and baby food can be transported outside of the plastic bag. These items must also be presented at the safety checkpoint.

Please note that on flights with a stopover in which the second/continuing flight departs from an EU airport, you are only allowed to take fluids with you if they were purchased at the airport in the EU or on board a flight of an EU carrier, e.g. on a flight with Bulgarian Air Charter, and if these fluids are transported in a sealed bag that also includes the receipt for purchase made on the same day. The item shall be sealed in the bag by the sales personal at the point of sale. 
Bulgarian Air Charter has no influence on the amounts specified by the European Union and requests that all passengers note these regulations when planning their trips and to reduce carry-on baggage to a minimum. Please also note that due to these regulations, the scope of the safety checks has increased and waiting times can be lengthy. 
In addition to the carry-on baggage, the following items are permitted for transportation in the cabin:

• One small handbag 
• A coat, cape or travel blanket 
• An umbrella or walking stick 
• Crutches, if required by the passenger 
• One camera/pair of binoculars

5.3 Transportation of sports baggage 
One of the following pieces of sports baggage (max. 20 kg) is allowed per passenger for free transportation on all Bulgarian Air Charter routes (one-way and round-trip flights). Each other piece of sports baggage will be subject to the excess baggage fee of EUR 3 per kg.

Sports baggage


Required registration

Golf baggage




Packed in a carton or case


Diving equipment

Without compressed air cylinder(s)

Diving lamps are subject to the hazardous items regulations and should be transported in carry-on-baggage.






Packed in a sleeve or similar package, fins removed


Hang glider

Packed, max. length: 3.50 m



Packed in a bag


Skis (pair)




Collapsible boat

Taken apart and packed; canoes and other boats are not permitted for transport.


Fun board or bodyboard

Packed, max. 3 kg





5.4 Lost or damaged baggage 
If baggage should be lost or damaged, please contact the lost and found area immediately upon arrival. The following information will be recorded in a damage report: 
• Flight no. 
• Departure airport 
• Baggage no. (based on the sticker on the ticket and baggage) 
• Type of baggage 
• Home or hotel address, etc. 
If damage is first noticed after arrival at your hotel or at home, you must report this damage in writing to the local courier service at the latest within three days after the baggage has been delivered. In general: 
• Include your name, address and holiday address with all baggage (including carry-on baggage). 
• Keep important documents, valuable items and medications in in your carry-on baggage. 
• Each piece of baggage will be x-rayed. Firearms, sharp and dangerous items, dangerous fluids and lighters (Zippos) are not permitted for transportation. This applies to both carry-on baggage and checked baggage. Please note that your baggage may be subject to manual search. 
Liability for carriage of baggage


In general, you are responsible for your carry-on baggage and items that you have with you. Laws govern the liability of airlines. We recommend purchasing travel/baggage insurance before departures and - if available - that you use the packaging services available in many airports.

It is recommended that the following items not be placed in checked baggage: fragile items or items that can spoil, valuable items, e.g. money, jewellery, precious metals, gemstones, laptops, cameras, mobile telephones or other electronic devices, stock certificates and other valuable paperwork or documents, samples, identification documentation, house or vehicle keys, medication or fluids. If your checked baggage contains one or more of the items listed is this section, we do not accept any liability for lost, destruction or damage of said items. Some airports may have further limitation with regard to the items to be carried. In such cases, the airport guidelines apply.

In your own interest, you should immediately report and loss of or damage to your baggage directly at the airport. A written report of loss can be submitted later within the legally permitted period; however, the burden of proof is now your and you must prove that the irregularity occurred during transport.

6. On board safety rules

The carriage of the following items is not permitted on board or in the Bulgarian Air Charter cargo area:

You will certainly understand that dangerous items in accordance with IATA rules are always prohibited in your baggage.

Dangerous items include: 
• Motors of any type, including outboard motors (except for electric motors) 
• Briefcases and secured briefcases with installed alarm systems, lithium batteries and pyrotechnic material 
• Explosives, fireworks, torches, light or smoke signals 
• Containers of gas (flammable or not, frozen, liquid or poisonous) , e.g. camping gas, filled compressed air bottles, lighter gas 
• Containers of flammable fluids, e.g. lighter fluid or benzene, heating fluids, cleaning agents, thinners, paints, glues 
• Flammable and other solids substances that ignite easily, e.g. matches, substances that tend to combust spontaneously or flammable gases develop when they come in contact with water. 
• Oxidizing substances, e.g. bleach, peroxide 
• Poisonous or infectious substances, e.g. mercury or bacteria or virus cultures 
• Radioactive materials 
• Corrosive substances, e.g. acids 
• Magnetic materials 
In addition, sharp or pointed objects such as knives or scissors are prohibited in carry-on baggage.

Sporting firearms 
Of course, our customers do not need to leave their sporting and hunting firearms at home. However, the following measures for safety apply and must be strictly observed: 
• Firearms or objects that can be used as weapons are not permitted in checked baggage. 
• They must be packaged so that they cannot break nor be damaged by impact (in a conventional gun case). 
• Firearms must not be loaded. 
Ammunition for firearms is not permitted in the cabin. 
• The maximum amount of ammunition for hunting or sporting firearms per passenger is 5 kg in checked baggage for transportation in the aircraft cargo area. 
• Ammunition with exploding or flammable projectiles is excluded. 
• The ammunition must be packed safely in cartons or boxes. 
Smoking is prohibited on BULGARIAN AIR CHARTER flights. All of the airplanes have smoke detectors that monitor compliance with this rule. Any violation of this rule can result in prosecution. The consequences can include a fine payable to BULGARIAN AIR CHARTER and exclusion from flights with BULGARIAN AIR CHARTER aircraft.

7. Liability

The liability of TUI fly and Bulgarian Air Charter are based on the regulations of the GTCC.



8. Privacy and data security

TUI fly and/or Bulgarian Air Charter are entitled to capture, process and use personal data within the scope of performance of the contract and in accordance with the German Data Protection Act and other statutory regulations. Such data is captured, processed, used and transmitted in accordance with the intended purpose of the contract and using data processing equipment. The data is processed or used in conformance with the statutory regulations for the following purposes: making reservations, purchasing a ticket, purchasing additional services and handling payment transactions; developing and providing services, facilitating entry and customs clearance procedures.

TUI fly and/or Bulgarian Air Charter are authorised to capture, save, modify, block, delete and use the data for these purposes and to transmit it to their own branch offices, authorised representatives and to the parties who provide the above services on behalf of TUI fly and/or the actual carrier. TUI fly and/or Bulgarian Air Charter are further entitled to disclose passport details and personal data processed and used in connection with carriage by air to public authorities in Germany and abroad (including authorities in the USA and Canada) if the respective authority requests disclosure of the data on the basis of mandatory statutory regulations and disclosure is therefore necessary for performance of the contract of carriage.



TUI fly reserves the right to amend these STCC Bulgarian Air Charter at any time with effect for the future without obligation to notify the user. The STCC Bulgarian Air Charter as amended from time to time are published on the website as from the date on which they come into force. By continuing to use the website after amendment of the STCC Bulgarian Air Charter, the user declares his or her consent to the amendments.


No agency, employee or any other third party is entitled to make any amendments and/or addenda to these STCC Bulgarian Air Charter or to waive their applicability.

10. Verbal agreements

These STCC Bulgarian Air Charter contain the entire provisions of the contract between the passenger and TUI fly and supersede all previous agreements, regardless of whether such agreements were made verbally, by electronic means or in writing. In case of conflict between these STCC Bulgarian Air Charter and the GTCC, the GTCC shall take precedence.

11. Invalidity of one or more provisions

Should any individual provision be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.


12. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

The contractual relationship between the passenger and TUI fly shall be governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany, irrespective of the passenger’s nationality. Legal venue for registered traders, persons who have no general legal domicile inside the country and persons who have transferred their residence or habitual abode to a place outside Germany after conclusion of the contract, or whose residence or habitual abode is unknown when the lawsuit is filed, shall be Hanover (Germany). This legal venue provision shall not apply within the substantive scope of the Warsaw Convention or the Montreal Convention.


TUIfly Vermarktungs GmbH

Karl-Wiechert-Allee 23

30625 Hanover


Registration No.: HRB 55840 / Court of Registration: Local district court Hanover

VAT No.: DE 171612631

Executive director: Olaf Petersenn, Stefan Baumert



last update: 12/02/2015